We offer a complete solution that addresses business needs in terms of accounting, stock management, and payroll.

Our package is conform to the Lebanese Income Tax and V.A.T. regulations. Furthermore, it is adaptable to other countries’ regulations where it is currently used.

The software is user friendly and efficiently customized according to the business needs and procedures. It provides security and protection for each user level in the business hierarchy.

The system supports multi-currency transactions. It keeps track of bank operations like postdated checks, maturity transactions…

Stock items are stored by categories, using different units tailored to the each item type.

A large number of reports can be generated according to the user points of interest. Reports can either be printed or exported to Excel.

Updates to the software are provided continuously to our clients as a complimentary service.

Remote diagnosis and repair is available upon occurrence of problems. We take action as soon as we take notice and you will not have to endure long delays to have your problem solved.